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xubuntu 12.10 post-installation mini guide

I feel sorry for myself. I am not that old, but I just cannot get used to Unity3D. So the best thing I can do to stay with Ubuntu is to use xubuntu, the XFCE version of Ubuntu.

xubuntu is almost perfect, howerver, as usual, customization is always required.

1.1) enable Canonical’s ‘partner’ repository:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

1.2) uncomment the following lines:

deb quantal partner
deb-src quantal partner

2) Then, update data base:

sudo apt-get update

3) Then, remove what I do not want:

sudo apt-get purge abiword* catfish* firefox-globalmenu firefox-gnome-support nano pidgin* thunderbird* gigolo* gucharmap* gmusicbrowser* plymouth-theme-* ristretto* xchat* apport* brltty* gnome-games-data gnome-sudoku gnomine ibus-pinyin* onboard parole xfce4-notes* xfce-dict* xfce4-mailwatch*

4) Then, update system:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

5) Then, install what I want:

sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates vim virtualbox virtualbox-guest-additions-iso vlc smplayer gqview winetricks msttcorefonts ibus-table-cangjie5 ibus-table-cantonhk ibus-table-quick5 synaptic
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My new toy – Lenovo Z575

I had a very non-linux-friendly unbranded Chinese laptop with SIS chip set before and that have be stolen while I was working in China. I have been using that for 3 years, there is no 3D graphic card driver, no multi-media keyboard support, no LCD back light brightness support and took me so long to find out how to fix the screen resolution problem. I used to swear to God I will only buy a Intel chip set laptop if I get another one.

So, a month ago, my laptop being stolen and I went to the computer shopping center in Hong Kong for a new laptop. I was looking for a laptop with Intel i5 CPU, but I was thrilled by Lenovo Z575, same price as 2 cores i5 with 4GB ram, I can have a 4 cores AMD A6-3400 and 8GB ram. So I did no research and bought it back home.

Then problems started. With MS Win7 as default, the computer will reboot itself at least 2 time when cold start, after that, it will run into Blue Screen of Death every hour or so. Found out the problem is Power Management driver from Lenovo itself and force me to uninstall it. Then are the problems with MS WinXP, to make the story short, even I have downloaded all the drivers and softwares from Lenovo, I still have 3 drivers short, and the duel display card is not working either.

After all the bad stuffs with MS Windows, I know it is not look good for Linux. And bang, the display card is not working with Ubuntu 11.10 Live CD, but lucky enough, with the display problem with my last laptop, I found out there should be a way to get the Lenovo through at the moment.

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If you can grab anything from this blog. That’s good news.
I hope while I am learning by writing all these notes, someone will find these are useful too.

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